Dear Sirs


Good day, just wanted to say hi to all the good people from Wippingen as we always have them in our minds, hearts and prayers.

For your information we were hosted there for the World Youth Day that took place in Cologne in 2005, I stayed at the house of my special German brother Jonas Schwering and her sister Ana, would like to send a greeting to the whole Community along with my greatest wishes to Jonas parents that threated as if we were part of their family when we stayed at their house.

I also take this opportunity to greet all the young Catholics from Wippingen and their families who welcomed us in a very special way.

I cannot forget Mrs. Uhla, a lady wich such a special heart who tried hardly along with all the volunteers in order to make us feel welcomed and of course part of the town.

Wish some day I could go back and see you all in person good people, in the meantine we will for sure keep in touch.

God bless you all, thank's for the oportunity to writte, above you will find my information in case you want to contact me.

Best Regards

Brian Hernández

Jovenes Universitarios Camino

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Mobile (504) 9986-0103